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  • njwung asapngu says:

    u guyz are amawing. need more tracks from u in the future

  • Jay Harris says:

    My name is Jay & yall music is really good it would be cool if yall make lots of more music. I also make music too but in Germany & I will share your music in Germany. w

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Thanks for your support Jay!! So cool to hear we have listeners in the great land of Germany! :) We are working on creating some more songs and videos, should have some out by the beginning of next year, stay tuned!!

  • timene says:

    Hello we love your music and we jus created a website http://www.bamendaonline.biz to advertise products fron this regions of ours NW thanks.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      That’s fantastic Timene! Glad you like the music, and great job on helping progress the amazing NW region of Cameroon!!

  • temajung michael says:

    One of the best music I’ve heard in ages. Keep up and may God bless and inspire you to do more

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Wow, thank you Temajung! We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying the music! We are definitely working on some more tracks to provide everyone with more uplifting music :).

  • Monica Jeffers says:

    Your music is inspiring and a breath of fresh air in this world. With your positive songs, it gives us all hope that we CAN change the world! Thank you Colby and Awu!

  • Geraldine says:

    A friend’s Mom had us watching the video of this song over and over again so we had it on our hearts. It was just awesome, and as far as we all could see, it even beat the opening song for this year’s World Cup. The Coca Cola Company should hear stuff like this…it is original. 2 thumbs up to you both, and all the best as you move on.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback Geraldine!! We’re happy to hear you inspired the video for “If a Can, Can”, and we too hope it will get more recognition across the world! :)

  • Jilly Jeffers says:

    Awesome music Colby & Awu! We listened to several songs at our Jeffers’ Thanksgiving get-together in Cali, really a great vibe, uplifting in every way. How do I purchase copies thru your website? I didn’t have cash on me at the gathering so wasn’t able to get copies from your Daddo Ricardo lol. Anyroad, I’d love to buy 6 copies for gifts during the holidays, yippee! Let me know.
    I can, You can, We can, yessir! Jillybean for Peace~xo

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Glad you enjoyed the vibe! As of now, we only have the digital MP3 version of the album available online, but we are working on getting the physical CD up for sale on our website for the near future (hopefully in time for the holidays). Check back in soon! Peace!

  • Susan says:

    I would really like to show your “We Can Change the World” video in my church. The youth are leading the worship service with the theme of “Peace”. May I share this wonderful video?

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Hi Susan – that would be fantastic! Of course you can show the video :). In fact, if you’re able to take a picture or video of the music video being screened in your church and share it with us, that would absolutely make our day!! We’ll say prayers that your youth worship service for peace inspires many hearts to make a positive change :).

  • Lorena Gabriela says:

    I LOVE the lyrics and the beats. It is very nice to hear both wonderful voices come together with powerful and meaningful messages. I really do hope we get to hear more albums like one this in the near future. AMAZING talent.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Thanks Lorena!! We appreciate your kind words and support! :). We agree, more positive music to help uplift the world is definitely needed!

  • Angela says:

    Wonderful music gentlemen. I will be very happy to share your uplifting messages with my teenage sons. They like this genre of music but I don’t approve of the messages in pop hip-hop so they are a bit restricted. This is a win/win for our family.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Angela – that is awesome! One of the main reasons we make our music is to provide a positive alternative to what is currently promoted in mainstream music. And we really want to reach the youth! So we are very inspired to know that you’ll be sharing the music with your sons, please have them share their feedback!

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